Sebastiaan hanekroot

Sebastiaan Hanekroot is an expert in reproduction of photography and art in books. He founded Colour & Books in 2009 after having worked in the printing industry for more then three decades. He started in the early 1980’€™s as an apprentice in lithography. At his latest job in the printing industry he worked as a sales manager.

At Colour & Books he works with photographers and artists on perfecting their RGB-files and making the best possible conversions for print. Since he also has comprehensive knowledge about printing and binding, he often takes the complete production of the book in his hands. Colour & Books is present at various book fairs in Europe and beyond, and works for image makers and book professionals throughout the world. Sebastiaan also teaches at the photography department of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where he trains students in postproduction and printing.