Tiina kirkas

Tiina Kirkas is one of two Raw View’s Managing Editors since February 2016. Before that she worked as Sub-editor in Photo Raw. She majored in Contemporary History for her Master’s degree in Political Science. She has worked as journalist and editor for more than 25 years.

Kaisu tervonen

Kaisu Tervonen is a writer and one of the two Managing Editors of Raw View. She has studied film, tended bars, and cleaned bathrooms, but for the last 13 years or so she has earned a living as a journalist. Kaisu started by writing about film and she still loves the medium, from Singing in the Rain to Repo Man.

Susan villa

Susan Villa is a long-standing Raw View journalist who has also worked as a subeditor and a managing editor for the magazine. Susan is a freelance journalist and consultant, and has worked at various magazines, at a conflict research center, and a human rights organization. For her MA in Social Sciences, she majored in international politics, and also holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Tampere.

Pete brook

Pete Brook is an independent writer and curator interested in social justice and the politics of visual culture. He is the editor of Prison Photography, a website that analyzes imagery produced within, and about, the prison industrial complex.

Pete holds Master’s degrees in Art History (University of St Andrews), and Art Gallery and Museum Studies (University of Manchester). He has lectured internationally on the topic of photography, taught art in prisons, volunteered with Books To Prisoners and served as a board member with University Beyond Bars. His work has been featured by The New York Times, The British Journal of Photography, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Los Angeles Times, ACLU, and Vice, among others.

He has curated multiple shows, including Cruel and Unusual for Noorderlicht Gallery in Holland (Feb-Apr 2012), Seen But Not Heard in Belgrade, Serbia (Dec 2013), and Status Update in San Francisco, CA (Nov 2015). He is best known for his exhibition Prison Obscura, commissioned by Haverford College, PA. The exhibition travelled to seven venues throughout the US (Jan 2014-May 2016).

His writing has been published by Aperture, Wired, Outside Online, Medium, Time, The Atlantic, International Center for Photography, CNN, Truthout, and The Marshall Project.

Pete is based on the American West Coast.

Jari kakela

Jari Käkelä is the translator for Raw View. In addition to engaging in various projects in the realm of (more or less) popular music, he recently also finished his PhD dissertation on Isaac Asimov’s science fiction at the department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki.


Laura Vuoma is a photographer living in London. Laura has an MA in photography and among other things, she has worked as a freelance photographer, magazine picture editor, and a university lecturer. Laura started out as an associate picture editor for Photo Raw in 2011 and is now producing columns and writing articles.


Writer Larry Frolick is the author of 10 books on global society, including Crow Never Dies / Life on the Great Hunt (2016), based on fieldwork in the Canadian Arctic hunting with First Nations Elders. He won the Lange-Taylor Prize (USA) for collaborative journalism with photographer Don Weber for a portrait of the post-Soviet criminal justice system in Ukraine.

In addition to doing the column Beyond the Frame on leading international photographers for Raw View, Larry is currently completing a book on spiritualism in the digital age. He is also working with Donald on a New Photojournalism Manifesto that addresses the challenges of creating original art-content in a society of endless simulation and deception. Larry currently lives in Canada’s Northwest Territories.


M. Scott Brauer is an American photographer based in Boston, by way of Montana, Seattle, and China. He is the co-founder of dvafoto.com, a photojournalism blog, and he writes a column for Raw View on photographers’ notebooks. He regularly photographs on assignment for magazines and newspapers on a variety of subjects, including education, politics, and science and technology.


Kate Schneider is a photographer whose work examines the impact that land and the socialized landscape have on individual and cultural identity in North America. Kate was recognized by the Magenta Foundation’s 2015 Flash Forward competitions, and has exhibited her work at the Soho Photo gallery (New York), the Great Plains Art Museum (Nebraska), and the floor of the United State Senate. She received her MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University (2009), and is an Instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.