Hannamari Shakya is the founder, Editor-in-Chief and creative director of Raw View. She established the magazine in 2007 as Photo Raw and re-launched it as Raw View in 2014. Hannamari has a background in journalism, writing, documentary photography, and documentary filmmaking. For her MA in arts and culture, she majored in media.

As a journalist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker, she has been fascinated by intimate stories that depict the changes in our societies. Hannamari also believes that the stories we tell are always somehow connected to our personal narratives.

A documentary photograph can be the crack where the light gets in. It can reveal both hidden messages and the obviously visible. It can make people more socially conscious of what is going on in the world. And still, it can be as artful as any other form of visual medium.


Susanna is a photojournalist in the making. She had a photographic awakening after realizing that her former education (MA in Finnish language) wasn’t the right career path for her. She studied photojournalism (BA) at the University of Tampere after teaching for a while.

Shani armon

Shani Armon is an Israeli-born, Helsinki-based, graphic designer and art director. She is a graduate of Aalto University (Helsinki) and Central Saint Martins (London). Shani interned at major advertising agencies such as the Grey Group (Vietnam) and Firma (Tel-Aviv), before she decided to pursue a freelance career where she can choose her own clients. Her main fields of interest are branding, content marketing, editorial design and anything related to food or politics.

Juho heinola

Juho Heinola is a graphic designer and art director based in Helsinki, Finland. He’s the head of design at Four Sigmatic, a major player in the health food business. He’s also the comic book artist for one of the biggest newspapers in Finland, Aamulehti.

Johan hallberg-campbell

Johan Hallberg-Campbell was born in the Scottish Highlands and has been living and working in Canada since 2007. He is a Graduate of The Glasgow School of Art, specializing in the medium of photography and film.

As an award winning freelance photographer, he has been commissioned for numerous publications and institutions worldwide, shooting assignments globally. Hallberg-Campbell’s work has been published and exhibited internationally.

He has curated 45 photographic exhibitions in galleries such as VII gallery (New York) and Pikto gallery (Toronto), showcasing the works of local, national, and international photographers.

His work explores what it means to belong to a community and have traditions rooted in heritage. He continues to develop his book-length project Coastal, a project of photographing the Canadian coastline.

Donald weber

Before taking up photography, Donald Weber trained as an architect and worked with Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Weber is the author of three photography books. Interrogations, which looks at post-Soviet authority in Ukraine and Russia, has gone on to much acclaim; it was selected to be included in Martin Parr’s and Gerry Badger’s seminal The Photobook: A History, Volume III.

Among his numerous awards and fellowships are a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Lange-Taylor Prize, the Duke and Duchess of York Prize, and two World Press Photo Awards. His work was also shortlisted for the prestigious Scotiabank Photography Prize.

Weber’s diverse photography projects have been exhibited as installations, exhibitions, and screenings at festivals and galleries worldwide.
Currently Don is working on his next project, War Sand, about historic sacrifice and the meaning of war in our modern world. He is represented by Circuit Gallery in Toronto.

Joonas brandt

Through documentary photography, Joonas Brandt discovers and illuminates subjects that seem almost conventional in our daily lives. As an experienced and intuitive photographer, Brandt always searches for more. He uncovers the strangeness of life, as he did in his project where he photographed musicians moments after they left the stage and were still experiencing the katharsis of the performance.

Brandt’s awards include several recognitions in Pictures of the Year contests (Fin) and he has been awarded as the Editorial Photographer of the Year (Fin). For six years, Brandt has worked as a staff photographer in various magazines. Now Brandt works as a freelancer and is keen to do long term projects. He has also been involved in Raw View magazine since it was established in 2007. Brandt was part of the editorial board.

Sebastiaan hanekroot

Sebastiaan Hanekroot is an expert in reproduction of photography and art in books. He founded Colour & Books in 2009 after having worked in the printing industry for more then three decades. He started in the early 1980’€™s as an apprentice in lithography. At his latest job in the printing industry he worked as a sales manager.

At Colour & Books he works with photographers and artists on perfecting their RGB-files and making the best possible conversions for print. Since he also has comprehensive knowledge about printing and binding, he often takes the complete production of the book in his hands. Colour & Books is present at various book fairs in Europe and beyond, and works for image makers and book professionals throughout the world. Sebastiaan also teaches at the photography department of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where he trains students in postproduction and printing.

Laura bailey

Laura Bailey is a documentary photographer based in Cornwall, England. Currently studying at the Press & Editorial Photography course at Falmouth University, she has a passion for telling stories in many creative mediums, and she believes an image should stand for itself.