The Girl Who Didn’t Marry a Tree


“Why am I this colour? Why can’t I be like you, mom?” This is what my daughter asked when she was just five years old. A girl in her kindergarten had told my daughter she didn’t like her because her skin was darker than others.

This photographic work, The Girl Who Didn’t Marry a Tree, starts with my daughter, Lumanti. She is half Finnish and half Nepalese. Regardless of this, she is complete.

The Girl Who Didn’t Marry a Tree examines the question of identity and ethnicity. The photographs studies self-image through reflections on ethnic and cultural background. In this way, this project seeks to convey the personal experiences of what it is like to live under the gaze of those around you.

What is it like to grow up as bi-racial in a country where someone who looks different, or has a different colour skin, receives special treatment and attention, and generally not in a positive sense? How does the photographed person define their identity themselves? Where does she feel she belongs?

The Girl Who Didn’t Marry a Tree
Pages: 104 pages
Colour:4/4 colours
Size: 24 x 28,5 cm
Language: English and Finnish
Code: ISBN 978-952-68876-2-3
Edition: First editions 11/2018
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